Training FAQ’s

If you do not find the answer to your question below, please contact WPTI’s Registration Services Coordinator at 646-278-5685.

  1. How do I register myself for a training program?
    You may visit our training program calendar at to view the training programs for which we are currently accepting registrants. Please click the “Register for this training” button to begin your registration process.

  3. How do I register my staff, not myself, for a training program?
    If you need to register multiple people or are interested in a group rate discount, you may contact WPTI’s Registration Services Coordinator at 646-278-5685.

  5. When I attempt to register, the system says that my email address already exists. What should I do?
    In our system, a student is unique by her or his email address. This means that if you have registered for a course before and used the same email address you have now, you are already in our system. Please use our Forgot Password feature to have your login information emailed to you.

  7. Do you require payment before the start of the training program?
    No. We understand that many organizations simply need more time in order for their fiscal department to cut a check. However, we do require a proof of payment or check-request form to be faxed to WPTI at 646-278-5699. This lets us know that you have requested the training program fee to be sent to us and are alerting us to keep an eye out for it. If you choose to pay by credit card, we do not need proof of payment because it will automatically be provided to us.

  9. How can I obtain an invoice for the training program I am taking?
    An invoice for the training program for which you have registered should be automatically sent to the billing email address you provided upon registration. If you need a duplicate, you may log on to your account or contact WPTI’s Registration Services Coordinator at 646-278-5685.

  11. What type of payments do you accept? 
    We currently accept company checks and credit cards. If your organization is associated with the Fund for the City of New York, a journal entry can be requested for a funds transfer.

  13. How do I pay by credit card?
    All payments will be completed through direct invoice. You will have the option to pay via credit card through the invoice.

  15. What is the time and place of the training?
    This information is listed on the training details page of our website. To access it, click the title of the training on the training calendar. When you register for a training program, this information will also be sent to the email address provided upon confirmation. Confirmation includes faxing a proof of payment request to WPTI at 646-278-5699.

  17. My email server won’t accept emails from your system. How can I be sure I have registered correctly?
    Not all email servers are compatible. If, after registering, you receive email (which you do not understand) from WPTI, please contact WPTI’s Registration Services Coordinator at 646-278-5685.

  19. I registered online. Is my registration complete?
    WPTI staff will contact you with a confirmation email and invoice to complete the registration process.

  21. The email I received upon completing my registration states that I will receive further information about where the training is, what time, training program materials, etc.. When will I get this information?
    You will receive an email which includes further information about the training program in advance of the training program date. Please check your email in the days approaching the training for information from WPTI. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact WPTI’s Registration Services Coordinator at 646-278-5685.

  23. Our organization needs to set up WPTI as a vendor in order to process payment. How do we obtain a copy of your W9?
    Please contact WPTI’s Registration Services Coordinator at 646-278-5685 in order to obtain these materials.


Registration/Cancellation Policy

No seat in any fee based training program can be confirmed with out payment or proof of payment/check request form. As a convenience to our customers, we will confirm an applicant for a training program if they provide an acceptable proof of payment/check request form. For example, a copy of a check request form, a copy of a purchase order or a copy of the actual check. When we receive this paperwork, we will email a confirmation to the registrant and supervisor address provided that your seat has been saved.

For any reason that you may need to cancel your registration

  1. You must provide notice of cancellation 72 hours prior to the day of the training program to receive full credit toward a future WPTI training program. No refunds will be given.
  2. If advance notice was not given that you will not be attending the training program for which you are registered, we regret that we cannot provide credit nor a refund.