For DYCD YALP Bridge Providers | Training

Teacher Training for DYCD YALP Providers


April 27, 2018, Friday


10:00 AM - 3:00 PM


Workforce Professionals Training Institute
11 Park Place
New York, New York 10007

Registration Fee

This session is only available to staff who conduct the programs under DYCD YALP.


Program Description

At our February session, instructors were interested in looking at how a strong curriculum is developed.

Based off that interest, the April training will cover:

  • Setting academic outcomes
  • Working backward from that point
  • Identifying how and where the Bridge curriculum meets the criteria for a strong curriculum
  • Designing an outcome-oriented lesson

Intended Audience

DYCD YALP Bridge Instructors


Susan Thompson, WPTI Training & Projects Consultant



Registration / Cancellation Policy

No seat in any fee based training program can be confirmed with out payment or proof of payment/check request form. As a convenience to our customers, we will confirm an applicant for a training program if they provide an acceptable proof of payment/check request form. For example, a copy of a check request form, a copy of a purchase order or a copy of the actual check. When we receive this paperwork, we will email a confirmation to the registrant and supervisor address provided that your seat has been saved.

For any reason that you may need to cancel your registration

1) You must provide notice of cancellation 72 hours prior to the day of the training program to receive full credit toward a future WPTI training program. No refunds will be given.
2) If advance notice was not given that you will not be attending the training program for which you are registered, we regret that we cannot provide credit nor a refund.