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Workforce Benchmarking Networj | Webinar

Workforce Benchmarking Network Data Collection - Informational Webinar


October 24, 2019, Thursday


2:00 PM


Online – link provided after registration



Webinar Description

The Workforce Benchmarking Network’s (WBN) 2019 Survey launched this summer! WBN data provide field-wide performance benchmarks that are useful reference points for providers, funders and other stakeholders. The data also help illuminate program characteristics and services that matter to increase participant success rates.

Corporation for a Skilled Workforce (CSW), in partnership with Workforce Professionals Training Institute, invites New York-based organizations to join an informational webinar to learn more about how to participate and the benefits of joining the network.

Since 2008, the WBN has supported hundreds of workforce development organizations to use program data as a tool to continuously improve outcomes for job seekers, employers and communities. Updated with stakeholder input, changes in the 2019 survey include:

  • new questions to reflect current practices in participant and employer services
  • the option to report outcomes disaggregated by race, ethnicity, and gender
  • new online reports that are more “real time”, more interactive, and offer more refined comparison information

Download a summary list of information collected as part of the 2019 survey HERE.

For More Information about the WBN, please visit:

Contact Kysha Frazier at for additional information.