WPTI | For DYCD OSY & ISY Providers

Leading with Confidence 101 for ISY and OSY Providers


January 18, 2018, Thursday




Workforce Professionals Training Institute
11 Park Place, Suite 701 Conference Room
New York, New York 10007

Registration Fee

This training is made possible by funding from DYCD, and is available at no cost to CBOs with which DYCD contracts for its Out of School Youth (OSY) and In-School Youth (ISY) Programs.


Program Description

This training course is a highly interactive course designed for new supervisors who want to grow their management skills fast – and get on the fast track to achieving leadership success. Becoming a new supervisor means increased responsibilities, taking on greater challenges, relating to colleagues in different ways, and acquiring new leadership skills.

Many first-time supervisors are often unprepared for the demands of this new role. The leap from worker to supervisor can be a daunting task that often leaves staff feeling anxious, overwhelmed, isolated and stressed. This training will cover proven management techniques and practical strategies you need to become a stronger, more confident leader.

Topics Include:

  • Leadership fundamentals and issues all new supervisors/managers face;
  • Overcoming the initial fears and anxieties of supervising others;
  • Developing your personal leadership strengths;
  • Communication techniques that earn the trust and respect of team members, peers, and managers;
  • Fostering a culture of cooperation and collaboration among employees and peers;
  • Managing your time, priorities and projects to increase productivity;
  • Building and motivating your team; and
  • Developing an action plan for your first 90-120 days.

Intended Audience

First-time Managers, High Potential Employees on Management Track

This training is only for staff from programs which DYCD contracts for its Out of School Youth (OSY) and and In-School Youth (ISY) Programs.


Sabeen Pirani, Director of Training, Workforce Professionals Training Institute

Registration / Cancellation Policy

Advanced registration for this workshop is required. An insufficient number of registrants will result in cancellation or rescheduling of this workshop. Registration is for the approved candidate only. Substitutions are not allowed without the approval of the TA Provider.

This training is only for staff from programs which DYCD contracts for any of its ISY & OSY contracts/programs.

This professional development opportunity is provided at no cost to you but has a value of $252 for DYCD. If you register for and are subsequently unable to attend this session you are responsible for canceling your registration or risk being waitlisted for future events.

Registrations will be reviewed and you will be sent a confirmation email within 24 to 72 hours of registration, plus a final reminder email the day before the training. Any registrations from individuals from programs that do not hold a DYCD program contract will be unable to participate in this training. If you are interested in this training but are not a DYCD provider, please contact Saki Mori at WPTI at