Our Systems Building Projects & Partners

WPTI’s unique position enables us to work with a broad range of entities across the workforce development field to effect change and improve practice. Below are a few examples of how WPTI impacts broad systems:



  • Job Developer Networking Breakfasts: WPTI & JobsFirstNYC collaborate on quarterly “Job Developer Networking Breakfasts” to provide opportunities for job developers from organizations across the city to come together to learn about different sectors of the economy, hear directly from employers and policy makers, and create new connections.


Strengthening the Public Sector

  • Customer Service training, NYC Dept. of Small Business Services: WPTI developed and delivered trainings on customer service, facilitation techniques and other topics to hundreds of contractor staff of the Workforce1 Career Center system, which annually serves tens of thousands of job seekers and employers.
  • Inter-agency collaboration, NYC Dept. of Small Business Services / NYS Dept. of Labor: WPTI developed and delivered a series of teambuilding workshops at every Workforce1 Career Center with co-located staff to provide seamless services to customers.
  • Program development, NYC Department of Youth and Community Development: WPTI created an extensive curriculum, facilitator’s guide and classroom materials for the DYCD-funded Young Adult Internship Program (YAIP). YAIP provides job-ready 16-24 year-old young adults who are not working and not in school, with 14 weeks of paid orientation, training and work followed by 9 months of follow-up services and assistance for placement in permanent jobs, training programs and educational opportunities. YAIP programs are located in all five boroughs of NYC, and offer a range of placements in many industries, including construction, hospitality, healthcare, and retail.
  • Employment skills for Probation Officers, NYC Dept. of Probation: Lack of employment is one of the best predictors of recidivism, yet few public safety officers receive specific training on how to encourage and guide supervises back into the workforce. WPTI developed and delivered a series of workshops for over 100 NYC probation officers on legal issues regarding employment and criminal records, training and employment opportunities for court involved individuals, and practical employment coaching skills that can be utilized during brief supervision sessions.


System-Wide Skills Development & Collaboration Building

  • NYC Works, United Way of New York City / NYC City Council: WPTI provided training and technical assistance to 81 community based organizations that participated in NYC Works, a $12 million initiative of the NYC City Council and United Way of NYC to build collaborations among workforce development organizations across the city.


Research & Best Practices Distillation

  • Report: Deep in the Trenches: Understanding the Dynamics of New York City’s Front Line Workforce Development Staff. Each day, thousands of dedicated professionals around New York City provide the skills training and other services necessary for low-income New Yorkers to obtain employment.  Yet little has known about the classroom instructors, job developers, retention specialists, counselors, supervisors and others who make up this group.  WPTI commissioned Fiscal Policy Institute to conduct a survey of the field as a first step in understanding the conditions in which they work.  These findings represent important evidence WPTI can use to advocate for a greater commitment to professional development and career ladders within the field to address performance pressures and high rates of staff turnover.
  • Best Practices Distillation: Getting the RAP Down: Employment Strategies for New Yorkers with Criminal Records. The overwhelming majority of people involved in the criminal justice system eventually return home, with significant needs and significant barriers to rebuilding their lives. Drawn from best practices shared by practitioners and refined in WPTI’s popular four session course of the same name, this guidebook provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide to some of the most difficult challenges in preparing job seekers with criminal records for employment.

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