Our Systems Building Approach

The Challenge
The workforce development system is highly fragmented, with hundreds of training providers and dozens of funding sources, each with their own requirements. This leads to extreme competition for funding, significant redundancy of services in some areas and shortage in others, difficulty in administering grants and obtaining basic field-wide metrics, and other challenges caused by lack of coordination.

Our Solution
As a nonprofit, non-political, standalone intermediary, WPTI has the ability to bring together competing providers, funders, and policy makers to promote collaboration and reduce points of friction. Through leadership forums, listening tours, policy roundtables, and innovative network-building initiatives, we have created strong networks of trust that enable us to speak truth to power when necessary.

WPTI’s systems building activities include:

  • The Workforce Field Building Hub, a new systems building initiative brings together key leaders from across the interdisciplinary and diverse New York City and national workforce community to identify common issues and solutions to strengthen the workforce ecosystem.
  • The NYC Benchmarking Project, a ten-year intensive research project to provide practitioners, funders, and policymakers with meaningful outcome benchmarks for the workforce development field.
  • WPTI Publications. WPTI periodically releases reports, white papers, and practice guides that distill the latest findings in workforce research and programmatic best practices
  • Executive forums and academies for workforce leaders to identify and explore practice-based and capacity issues that impact the field. These meetings provide critical data that can be turned into policy recommendations.

Want to learn more?

For more information on WPTI’s Systems Building efforts, please click here.