Our Consulting Approach

The Challenge
Programs develop and evolve based on funding requirements, labor market conditions, job seeker profiles, and staff makeup. Over time, managers often recognize the need to refine existing practices to increase productivity and resolve inefficiencies, implement new programming, enhance departmental operations, develop customized program curriculum, or train a group of staff in a specific topic area.

Our Solution
WPTI’s expert consultants provide tailored, intensive interventions to enable programs to maximize their success. We help uncover specific programmatic challenges or opportunities, craft customized solutions and trainings, develop a framework for action, and coach staff on implementation.

WPTI consulting practices are based on an appreciative inquiry approach that engages clients from a strengths-based lens and builds on what works well and generates positive change and innovation. WPTI engages its customers as full partners in organization development, examining specific organizational and/or programmatic dilemmas, crafting customized solutions that foster transformational change and supports strategy execution across programs and organizationally.

What Does Consultation Include?

WPTI utilizes evidence-based models and research to address organizational challenges. We integrate solutions that enhance program frameworks and introduce innovative approaches to problem solving. We help our customers implement SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) solutions that produce concrete results and improve performance.

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of any successful consulting partnership. WPTI will never disclose any
information about our consulting work unless previously authorized in writing.


Through Our Consulting Services, WPTI:

  • Navigates organizations through complex programmatic challenges in order to strengthen capacity and performance
  • Links programs to dynamic resources to grow and strengthen their services
  • Identifies improvement areas in staff structure and realignment
  • Synchronizes staff and program priorities, enabling organizations to work through funding expectations


Types of Consulting

WPTI provides consulting services across the United States. Consulting interventions typically fall into one or more of the following categories:

Customized Training

WPTI will deliver a training series based on the specific needs of an organization. Trainings are developed for a variety of group sizes and can take place onsite at the program or at WPTI’s state-of-the-art training center. For list of topics that we offer for customized trainings, please click here for a PDF copy of the training listing.


One-on-one or small group coaching for staff on any topic of concern. Observations of staff members are often incorporated to provide feedback and strategies for improvement.

Special Events

WPTI can organize and facilitate special events such as staff development days, roundtable / panel discussions, and forums / conferences for up to hundreds of participants.

Program Design

WPTI optimizes programs by helping to reshape program structures and materials. Working closely with staff, WPTI thoroughly assesses all aspects and needs of a program develop a customized solution.

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