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Throughout the entire year, WPTI leads the field in offering workforce professional development for beginners, advanced practitioners, program managers, and executive directors. WPTI offers both centralized trainings for professionals and on-site training and technical assistance tailored to meet the specific professional development needs of companies and organizations in our community.

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Nov 16, Thu
WPTI | For DYCD YALP Bridge Providers | Training
Training for DYCD YALP Bridge Support and Internship Staff
This training designed for YALP Bridge Internship and Support Staff, will give an overview of Work-Readiness Professional Skills and how YALP Bridge programming supports these skills.
Nov 29, Wed
WPTI | Training
Retention Strategies that Get Results
In this training you will learn how to infuse the message of retention into every aspect of your program from day one and implement real working strategies
Nov 30, Thu
WPTI | For DYCD Providers
Facilitation Essentials for DYCD Providers
This hands-on workshop will teach the principles of workforce development instruction and will prepare participants with the strategies and resources necessary to create a learning environment that is safe, respectful, challenging, and engaging of multiple learners.
Dec 7, Thu
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
WPTI | Training
Employer Engagement: Securing Quality Job Leads and Making Placement Outcomes
This training will provide strategies on how to detect the obvious and hidden needs of employers and use that to further develop your sales pitch, refine your strategies for matching job seekers, engage the right businesses, and build lasting employer relationships.
Dec 8, Fri
10:00AM - 4:00PM
WPTI | For DYCD OSY & ISY Providers
Career Development Techniques 2.0 for DYCD OSY and ISY Providers Only
This workshop is for practitioners who have an interest in developing advanced skills in career facilitation and have already taken CCPI's Career Exploration Programming, Building a College and Career Going Culture or Integrating Career Development into the Classrooms.
Dec 8, Fri
WPTI | For DYCD YALP Bridge Providers | Training
Training for DYCD YALP - Bridge Instructor Training
During this training for YALP Bridge Instructors, we will continue our shared discussion of the challenges and concerns that instructors face in their young adult classrooms.
Dec 13, Wed
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
WPTI | Training
Transforming Job Seeker Resistance
This training will address strategies to help you transform resistance into economic self-sufficiency for your job seekers.
Dec 14, Thu
WPTI | For DYCD OSY & ISY Providers
Leading with Confidence 101 for ISY and OSY Providers
This training course is a highly interactive course designed for new supervisors who want to grow their management skills fast - and get on the fast track to achieving leadership success.
Jan 9, Tue
9:30 AM - 4:30PM
WPTI | Cohort Program
Job Development Learning Group
The Job Development Learning Group (JDLG), a rigorous cohort-based training program, is designed to equip and empower job developers with skills that best meet the needs of employer partners and program participants.
Jan 24, Wed
9:30 AM - 1:00PM
WPTI | Training
Immigrants' Rights in the World of Work
Gain a better understanding of the rights, opportunities and potential pitfalls for immigrant jobseekers and workers.