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September 28, 2017, Thursday




Workforce Professionals Training Institute
11 Park Place
New York, New York 10007

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Program Description

WPTI is hosting a training on September 26, but we want you to help us decide the training. Read the descriptions below and then click on the button above to vote. Voting will close on August 11.

Pitch With Persuasion: Sharpening Your Employer Engagement Skills
Enhancing your pitch to employers by marketing the value-add of your services and meeting employer needs.

Topics Include:

  • Develop a clear and succinct pitch that responds to employer needs;
  • Understand that what you say and how you say it can overcome employer resistance to hiring young people; and
  • Learn effective strategies to engage employers and maximize end results.

LMI 101: Finding, Using, and Understanding Labor Market Intelligence 
Introduction to labor market intelligence, general trends in the NYC labor market, and strategically assisting job seekers and engaging employers.  Open to workforce practitioners with little or no experience using labor market intelligence.

Topics Include:

  • Identify promising industries, occupations and career pathways for customers;
  • Generate employment and internship opportunities;
  • Shape program design to prepare customers for the right jobs; and
  • Develop a sectoral approach to job development.

LMI 201: Customizing Labor Market Intelligence to Meet Your Workforce Program Needs
Learn how to tailor your use of labor market intelligence to meet the needs of your workforce program, job seekers, and employer partners. Open to workforce practitioners who have been using multiple labor market resources in their programs.

Topics Include:

  • Hands-on activities designed to enhance your understanding of LMI;
  • Learn to create and maintain a labor market “intel report” that is tailored to your own needs; and
  • Develop a plan for keeping your information up to date.

Searching for Success: Dynamic Coaching Strategies that Get Job Seekers Hired!
Introduction to the core elements of career coaching and the steps to preparing individuals for successful career paths.

Topics Include:

  • Skills assessment, goal setting, and positive thinking;
  • Hone an effective 60-second self-marketing pitch;
  • Developing resumes that impress; and
  • Diffusing employer concerns about youth, job seekers with criminal histories and others with significant barriers to employment and more.